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Friday 14 March 2014

Challenge 51 - Use Game Pieces

Messing around with dominoes the other week and thoroughly enjoying myself I began to think of the different game pieces we often use in our paper-crafting and jewellery making etc and one of my favourites are the jigsaw pieces.  I love using the large ones for books and the small ones for jewellery or embellishments.  But then again I love using dominoes and all the other game pieces that are similar - Mahjong tiles, trionimoes etc.

Wonder how many game pieces you can find a use for?  Have a rummage through all your memorabilia and see what you have - and then - here's the challenge - make something with them.

Here's what Chrissie did - what can you spot that she has used?

Von has submitted this but try as I might I cannot work out what it is - she is obviously going to surprise us all - has she had an article published?


I made a jigsaw book but then I also made a little box out of some wooden childrens dominoes - here it is

You will have to wait until you get to my blog to see the book because we have a new member of our Design Team.  All put your hands together and give a big warm welcome to Wendy who has been entering our challenges right from the very beginning.  Here is what she has submitted - and it is beautiful.
Pop along to the individual blogs to see just what we all did, and in some cases, how we did it.  
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Craftyfield said...

Not an easy challenge so I hope the inspiring projects from all of you will germinate over the week end and give me an idea!