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Friday 24 May 2013

Challenge 30 - Vintage

This challenge is all about something that is "Vintage" but what exactly is "vintage"?  If you look the word up you nearly always get some definition of "wine".    Look up clothing or fashion and you will find that anything relating to before the 1920's is referred to as "antique" whereas "vintage" can mean anything from the late 1920's to 20 years before the present date.

So I guess "vintage" is anything from 1920 to 1994.  Doesn't settle in my head though but we could hardly call this challenge "Antique" so it is up to you to make something which you refer to as "Vintage" in your own mind.  Here are our renditions:



and now a word from Von:

"Hi  all it's been a joy looking at all your wonderful creation but I feel I need to take a break from the commitment of Artful Times but plan to be back later in the year.
 Keep up the good work Neet"


Redanne said...

Beautiful work ladies! Sorry that you will be leaving for a while Von, hope you have a good break. Hugs, Anne x

Words and Pictures said...

What lovely pieces of inspiration... really hope to fit this one in! And have a great break, Von - we'll miss you, but look forward to being in Neet's generous and inspirational hands!
Alison x

Craftychris said...

Gorgeous cards! Look forward to seeing you at Artful Times again soon Von. Take care xx

Julia S-W said...

Gorgeous vintage pieces Ladies! We'll miss you Von but have fun and come back soon. I know that Neet will look after us!

Jenny Marples said...

Thank you for your wonderful inspiration again ladies. Von, you will be missed but we'll be here when you return. Hugs, Jenny x

Jennie Atkinson said...

Lovely vintage pieces from both of you (sorry only just catching rather late!). We'll miss you Von, but enjoy your break and look forward to seeing you later in the year. Jennie x

Anonymous said...

I love all the artworks! Thanks for sharing :)